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We are a fast growing group of IT companies focusing on providing IT products, services and solutions.

We provide a wide range of IT solutions and services; Hardware & System software Infrastructure, System Integration, Structured Cabling, LAN/WAN Design and Implementation, Financial Management System, Business Intelligence, Software Licensing, Outsourcing, Maintenance, Training, Consulting and Custom Application Development.

In June 1996, PT. Mitrasoft Infonet was formed to focus on software's business. Mitrasoft's main business includes providing Software Licensing, System Integration Services, Outsourcing, Maintenance, Training, Business Solutions and custom application development.

It is noteworthy that one thing about our companies that have not changed over the years is our vision of providing the best products and the best solutions for our customers and today our companies continue to serve our customers even better.


To become the best IT-Based Solution Provider.


Delivering value to stakeholder through best products, Solution and Excellent services.


Empowered by solid team, dedicate, commit, focus, competence and high integrities.

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Bekerja Bersama dengan Microsoft 365
Mulai dari migrasi email dan penawaran spesial Mitrasoft
Let’s make managing your networks, security, and communication easier
Software that fits the needs of small and medium-sized business
Protect any Network Edge at any Scale
Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Bring Infrastructure Together with HCI and Data Protection And Management
Start your digital transformation with us
Embrace a New Way of Work with Cloud and Powerful Protection
Start your digital transformation with us
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