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Be hyperconfident
in your business-critical

Give all your applications the performance they need plus the availability, security and simplicity of the industry’s best hyperconverged infrastructure.

Achieve business success in today’s application-driven world

Give your business-critical applications the agility and scalability to support your organization's needs. Speed time to value for digital initiative and enjoy a 36% reduction in infrastructure costs.


Delight your users

Deliver consistent application and database performance that ensures a satisfying user experience.


Improve IT efficiency by 53%

Converge applications and databases on a single agile platform that greatly simplifies IT operations.


Reduce downtime by 97%

Keep business apps and databases up and protected with a resilient platform that pays back in 1 year.

Reduce cost and complexity


Rapid and linear resource scalability

Predictable, non-disruptive scaling of compute and storage resources enables you to match resources and spending directly with business demands.

Leverage storage efficiencies

Dynamic storage distribution cuts management costs while unified storage consolidates management and cost silos for file, object and block data.

Simplify management

Enable seamless applications, workloads and data mobility across widespread hybrid cloud environments with a single, automated cloud control plane.

Accelerate application
development and your potential


Fast-track the delivery of resources for new apps

Utilize rapid VM or container-based server sandbox deployment. Rely on a common pool of storage and compute that scales up and back as needed.

Increase the agility of software development

Deploy Nutanix Database Service for a single, self-service console that enhances the agility of software development and expedites release velocity.

Improve the lifecycle of enterprise applications

Deploy new applications using simple blueprints, centrally enforce role-based governance and easily control every aspect of the application lifecycle.

Decrease downtime and uncertainty


Leverage granular and efficient snapshots

VM point-in-time snapshots accelerate clone creation and restore times while vastly improving roll back, file recovery and business continuity planning.

Built-in replication and disaster recovery

Achieve RPO and RTO objectives with full disaster recovery and data protection. Restore operations 67% times faster and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Rely on an integrated security-first approach

Native VM-level data encryption for apps and databases and automated patching ensure faster response to zero-day vulnerabilities and security compliance.

Run the most popular
business critical apps and databases

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